What is 89 (Pacific) RCACS Support Association?

We are the local civilian organization in Victoria responsible to sponsor and support 89 (Pacific) Squadron.
We pay for aspects of the Air Cadet program that are not funded by the Department of National Defence (DND).

Isn’t everything paid for by DND?


Air Cadets is a partnership between the DND and the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada.  Each has different responsibilities and pays for different parts of the program. The BC Provincial Committee (BCPC), is the provincial Branch of the Air Cadet League of Canada. The 89 Pacific Support Association operates under the auspices of the BCPC, Vancouver Island Wing.

What does DND pay for?

DND provides the cadets uniforms; the officers (including their uniforms, salaries, and training) to implement the training syllabus and provide supervision for the safety and care of cadets. Most mandatory training is paid for by DND but often may be augmented and enriched with civilian funding.

DND runs Summer Training Centres (including facilities and staff) to provide cadets the opportunity to attend summer courses, including national scholarship courses, most at no cost to the parents.
In fact, cadets who are selected for a summer camp may receive a “Training Bonus” of $60 a week while on course!

Why do we need a Support Association?

DND only pays partially, or not at all, for a lot of things that both cadets and parents have come to expect from 89 Squadron. DND and the League organize band, biathlon, drill and effective speaking competitions but with-out support from the SA these experiences would be quite limited. For instance most band instruments are provided by the SA. We pay for such things as rent (currently not required by the armoury), telephone costs, copiers, insurance, trophies, power famil flying, the mess dinner, annual ceremonial review and other things. The annual squadron budget funded by the SA is about $20,000.

What does the BC Provincial Committee do?

With-out the BC Provincial Committee there would be no glider program in the province! BCPC pays for such things as the maintenance and insurance for the 12 gliders and 6 tow planes of the gliding program; volunteer insurance through Air Cadet League of Canada; BCPC office and administration costs; and legal services retained for the benefit of the BCPC and Sponsoring Committees. BCPC charges an assessment fee of $100 per cadet to the local SA (us).

Where does the money come from?

While the SA does collect a registration fee directly from parents we must do fund-raising a number of times through the year to raise the bulk of the money needed to meet our obligation to support the squadron.
All cadets are expected to participate in these activities that include:

  • Tag Days - Fall & Spring
  • Car Wash - Fall & Spring
  • Chocolate Sales

These and other SA activities essential to the well-being of the squadron. The SA is also a federally registered charitable organization, capable of issuing charitable tax receipts for donations of $20 or greater.

Who is the Support Association?

The SA is composed of parents (like you!) as well as others interested in 89 Pacific Squadron and the valuable experience that it offers to our cadets. The SA is completely operated by Registered and Screened volunteers - from the President to each parent driver. There are many opportunities to help. Each family is expected to find a task that they can help with. It is a great way to meet other parents and to learn more about the Cadet Movement and watch your child grow with confidence and develop leadership skills.

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All board members and Support Association volunteers are required to be screened.
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The Support Association Constitution is available here.


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The Support Association Resolutions are available here

Director Responsibilities

The Support Association Director Responsiblities are available here