The 89 (Pacific) Air Cadet Squadron commits to develop in each and every Air Cadet qualities of leadership and an aspiration to become a valued member of their community.  We reinforce values necessary to prepare youth to meet the challenges of tomorrow and to embrace the multicultural dimensions of Canada.

To this end, we offer dynamic training in a supportive and efficient environment where change is a positive and essential element.

We further commit to attain this vision by living shared Canadian values with particular attention to:

  • LOYALTY… the expression of our collective dedication to the ideals of the Cadet Movement and to all its members.
  • PROFESSIONALISM… the accomplishment of all tasks with pride and diligence.
  • MUTUAL RESPECT… the treatment of others with dignity and equality.
  • INTEGRITY… the courage and commitment to exemplify trust, sincerity and honesty.

Aims of the Air Cadet Program

  • To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership.
  • To promote physical fitness.
  • To stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Armed Forces.